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Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award

During 2015 Sleaford District were proud to be part of a pilot to run the Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award in Lincolnshire, following the success of the pilot Lincolnshire County Council's Emergency Planning Team have agreed to support further development of the award into the future. 

What is the Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award?

The award, created by an Emergency Planning Manager  for Cornwall County Council, came about after HRH Prince Charles visited the area after flooding in 2010. He asked why the uniformed youth were not involved in the recovery like they are in other European countries. 

Planners took on his comments and came up with an award that uniformed youth groups could work on to enhance their skills in this area.  

How is the award set up?

The award is spilt into 3 levels – Home, Neighbourhood and Community. 

Home Award (5-10 year olds) What is an emergency and who might be involved? What might go in a household grab bag, and what escape routes could be used in the home. 

Neighbourhood Award (10-14yrs) produce a grab bag for vari-ous incidents, write a generic household emergency plan with escape routes. How might you help your neighbours and wider community?

Community Award (14-18yrs) how to actively assist in an emergency i.e. filling sandbags or assisting with an evacuation. Give a presentation on what should be in a grab bag and why, produce a leaflet on what to do in an emergency. Find out about international relief agencies based in the UK.  

Leaders Notes are also availible. 

What did our members think?

"My Cubs really enjoyed doing this award and it made them think really hard about what you would be able to take with you if you had to evacuate your home,  it made them realise that you could not take everything."
"They had to decide what was important and what was not." 
Akela (Delphine Norton) 1st Ruskington Cubs 

Celebrating success 

In July 2015 Lincolnshire County Council’s Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Service along with Lincolnshire Police and Fire and Rescue organised an event at the Fire and Rescue training site to celebrate the success of those who had undertaken the award.  The event was attended by 150 youngsters who had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including fire hose target practice and Crime scene investigation and then received their award from the Lord Lieutenant.  The the team are already planning and preparing for this years presentations - which although they will take a different format they'll be a special experience open only to award holders. 

Come and join us! 

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