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Coningsby and Tattershall Beavers | FIRE!


Beavers from 2nd Coningsby and Tattershall beavers attended an educational trip to RAF Coningsby Fire Section.

We started off by learning all about Fire Safety, how to act in case of a Fire, how we call for help and campsite safety when having a campfire. We then went on to have a guided tour around the fire trucks and the different equipment. The beavers even got the opportunity to press the siren button (which was very loud), talk through the microphone and have a go at controlling the big water cannon at the top of the fire truck (with adults support). All of the beavers had a fantastic time and learnt so much. Everyone at 2nd Coningsby and Tattershall Beavers would like to say a big THANK YOU to the fire section for allowing us to visit.