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Coningsby & Tattershall Beavers | Beavers Sponsored Walk

Beavers Sponsored Walk

The Coningsby & Tattershall Beavers and their parents took part in a 6 mile sponsored hike to raise funds for Beavers activities and a bus to Gilwell for the fun day in June. The beavers raised a total of £1,379.50!!!

This is a massive amount as all beavers went up and beyond as well as out of their comfort zone to raise money. All beavers and parents who took park in the 6 mile hike all had a lot of fun and completed it within 3 hours!

All of this money raised will go towards exciting Beavers activities these include, Coach to Gilwell park, pay the whole cost of the district camp, kinema trip and a big end of year summer party and much more!

Well done to all 2nd Coningsby and Tattershall Beavers.