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Metheringham Scouts | I Will Survive!

I Will Survive!

Nine budding Bear Grylls’ from 1st Metheringham Scouts undertake a survival camp and earn the Survival Skills Activities badge.

After setting up camp and enjoying a good meal, a wide game and a relatively comfortable night in tents, the Scouts went into survival mode for the 24 hours required to earn the badge. Learning knife skills and safety, they made tent pegs and chopsticks and then got to work making cook fires. They did an excellent job starting their fires but building them up and keeping them going was a real challenge due to the wood they collected being so damp after days of wet weather.

Following a basic lunch of kebabs (using ingredients that could have been foraged or hunted such as mushrooms, onions and a ‘meat’, which was actually beef) the Scouts then turned their attention to shelter building. A demonstration by the leaders was followed by a whirlwind of tarps, ponchos, string and rope which resulted in a veritable shelter village! Another leader demonstration on how to clean fish, which some of the Scouts had a go at, was followed by an evening meal of trout and rabbit (‘caught’ from a local butcher’s) with baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, baked celeriac and baked apples. After a wide game and some campfire singing with our campsite neighbours, 8th Grantham (Harrowby), the Scouts turned in and were soon fast asleep in their shelters.

After a cold night with a heavy dew fall, the Scouts woke up to a foggy morning and set to lighting a fire and preparing a breakfast of bacon and egg cooked in oranges. After that all that was left to do was break camp, clean up and make time to reflect on their experiences before parents arrived to collect their tired, dirty, but very accomplished adventurers.